Kids’ Stuff

The Friendly Cuckoo

The friendly cuckoo
Is the perfect guest
He's be horrified
To be thought of as a pest
He always wipes his feet
Before he hops into your nest
And he makes the greatest effort
To come elegantly dressed

He'll shake your wing then hand you
A box of homemade cakes
With your name on them in icing
And a lump of chocolate flake
You'll enjoy a conversation
Much more clever than a parrot's
He's an expert on computers,
Ballet, Greek and growing carrots

He takes a perch with caution
So the eggs won't smash
Then takes out a blanket
He's made to help them hatch
Along with woollen booties
All designed to match
He's always loved the little ones
There really is no catch

The friendly Cuckoo
Is a golden-hearted bloke
He'll tidy up and wash the cups
And laugh at all your jokes
His nasty reputation 
Is really most unfair
For when he bows and flies the nest
You won't know he's been there
Quiet Girl

How can I put my hand up
When my answer might be wrong
When I'm afraid to speak
How can I ever sing a song
How can I think of shouting
When a whispers's too much noise
When I'm not like other girls
Why would I chat to boys

How can I show my feelings
Let the world know that I'm mad
How can I bother Mom
When she's being Mom and Dad
How can I show I'm scared
When weakness hides in fears
Though you'll often see me cry
Crying dry and silent tears

You can see my true expression
When I lie awake at night
It switches on all by itself
When I switch off the light
With every breath I dream of death
Then sleep a while and then
I get up and wash my face
And walk to school again