I Am Your Light

I am your light
Brilliance in the winter sky
Joy in my sister’s face
As she giggles 
Presses on
The snowman’s button eyes

I am your light
Headlamps gently guide
Any distance
Spot the potholes in the road
We ride together
I still know my way home

I am your light
Your faith
Your Christmas tree bulbs
Your shimmering crescent
Your Hannukah candles
I am Diwali
Celebrate me
Feast with me
Shine with me

I am your light
Moonbeams on the river
Rushes quilt the ducklings
To Nightingale’s lullaby
Beaver starts his nightshift
Magic in the air
The scene feels like an illusion
But trust the owl, she knows
It’s real 
You’re not dreaming
Skim a pebble in the moonlight
I’ll skim you a precious stone

I am your light
Your rainbow
Seven party streamers
Sing across the sky
Fly above the jet plane
The swallow, the cuckoo
Seven vivid colours
One for every day
That I miss you 
My light burns eternal
I frame the shadow on the wall
Create the pixels in the picture
The dancers’ curtain call
Olympic Torch for athletes
Fizzing Catherine wheel
Dog’s illuminated collar
X-ray to help heal

Bulb in your bedside lamp
So when drowsiness marks the page
Switch me off 
But remember
If your dream’s not the one you wished for
Or loneliness gets too much
Just reach out
I’m close enough to touch

I am your light
My star
A speck across the galaxies
To show
Without me
Your universe
Could never be 
The universe you know

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