Look at your game 
 You’re smart
 You know you’ll find
 You can’t sow hate 
 And reap kindness
 Did you hear a Chinese whisper 
 On the Irrawaddy breeze
 Did you know they were coming for you
 Have you hidden the spare key

 It’s not the same 
 Time to count the cost
 Of how the west was lost
 Is there really no enlightenment
 If faith’s found in a mosque
 How does it matter whether
 A peacock has brown feathers
 One rule for your kind
 Another for the others
 Was the freedom flag
 Painted in watercolours

 It’s such a shame 
 Who are you scared of upsetting
 Now your tightrope’s coiled
 And hissing around your neck
 I’m not asking you to walk in their shoes
 When you’ve never been barefoot
 But if you believe in karma
 How can you profess
 You’ve been blessed
 With clearer insight
 Than the Dalai Lama

 What’s their game  
 Ping-pong with Pyongyang
 Careering to the nuclear option
 Or lining their pockets
 With Chinese mining
 While the kids who adore you
 Are sweeping the floors
 Will you find the steel to speak
 Or will their youth be wasted for them
 As you recline, decline in your gilded cage
 Powdering your public face
 Polishing your heart of teak
 My oh my Myanmar
 Hardly the time for irony
 But it kind of fits you pray to the west
 When we’re past and present masters of hypocrisy
 Don’t hold on to your Oxford graces
 No-one will care less
 If you bleat you’re superior to the Rohingya
 When your whole damn country is globally stateless

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